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  EZEE SOLUTION's Content Management System experts have more experience in CMS based application's. That give businesses the ability to personalize and customize relationships with their customers.


vishal Singh

Content Management System (CMS) refers to a web application that provides capabilities for multiple users with different permission levels to manage web page (content) without the need to have HTML knowledge.

Provides the following administration, control panel or website management functionalities:

  •   Create, Edit, Publish, Archive web pages
  •  Create, Edit, Publish, Archive articles
  •   Create, Edit, Publish, Archive press releases
  •  Create, Edit, Publish, Archive blogs
  •  Add / Edit events into an Event Calendar
  •  Enter, Edit, or View orders and print packing slips and invoices
  •  View reports and statistics site data
  •  Add / Edit Inventory (products), description, product specifications, prices, photos, etc.
  •  Create and Edit system users which have different permission levels to different section(s) of the above administration
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